14 September 2015

How Does Real-Time Personalization affect Marketing

14 September 2015,

  What is Real-Time Personalization? Real-Time Personalization creates meaningful, real-time interactions with targeted individuals through dynamically generated, personalized communication.It is very important to keep […]

11 September 2015

Marketing Cloud Delivers Good Results

11 September 2015,

What is Marketing Cloud? The term cloud marketing encompasses all of a company’s online marketing efforts. Online portals give companies new ways to present […]

9 September 2015

Influencer Marketing

9 September 2015,

What is Influencer Marketing? Influence can come from a wide range of places. Any person, group, brand, or place could potentially be an influencer. […]

7 September 2015

Top Reasons Brands Getting So Personal

7 September 2015,

Brands and Personalization Personalization is a powerful tool in marketing strategy and nowadays brands do it extensively through a sea of messages, images and […]

4 September 2015

Face To Face Marketing Still Matters

4 September 2015,

What is Face to Face Marketing? In reality to any business or company’s communication strategy that both face-to-face and virtual marketing are essential components […]

2 September 2015

Marketing Secrets to Customer Engagement

2 September 2015,

Customer Engagement With the raise of technology, customers are more powerful than ever as they have continuous access to real time information from a […]

31 August 2015

Ways Communication is changing & affecting Marketing

31 August 2015,

How Internet is changing the way we communicate For better or worse, there is no doubt the internet changed and continues to change the […]

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