31 July 2013
31 July 2013,

Direct mail is a vital an extremely effective producer for your company

Direct mail has been and still is a stalwart producer of results for those companies using it correctly. A skilled agency like ours will help you design, produce and execute your campaigns and get amazing ROI. Why? Because our experience helps us build in effectiveness from the design stage and on.

This article is very informative and highlights direct mail’s benefits:

Direct mail can be a highly effective way to elicit leads and pull orders. It is also cheaper than TV advertising and more measurable. It is used by small retailers as well as large corporations. Specific demographic groups or zip codes can be targeted. A direct mailing can be sent as a single offer or as part of a cooperative mailing (i.e. Harte Hanks, Val Pak). It must draw attention and prompt the recipient to read and respond to the offer.

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