4 September 2013
4 September 2013,

Social Marketing is a planned and implemented marketing idea that accurately defines the needs of a target group and influences human behaviour on a larger scale from a societal perspective rather than commercial.


Social Marketing campaigns seek to influence attitudes and behaviours through a program-planning process and up-front market research of target populations (Community Connections).

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The following are the steps of the Social Marketing Process that Nexus Response offers as part of our online marketing services:

  1. Plan

    1. Review and Analyze the problem or situation

    2. Study the social, economic and demographic environments

    3. Analyze the resources available

  2. Segment your target population

  3. Develop a strategy

  4. Implement a social marketing mix

  5. Analyze Results

  6. Implement changes

If you think like a marketer you will soon see the importance to add the marketing mix to your social marketing efforts so be sure to take a step-by-step approach while upgrading your blog posts.

Top 5 reasons Blogs are Important to your Business


  1. It will drive traffic to your website

  2. It develops better and stronger relationships with prospects and customers

  3. It increases your business SEO/ SERP

  4. It will help your business be positioned as an industry leader over time

  5. The process of blogging unlocks hidden ideas to create content that stirs up community chats


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