11 September 2015
11 September 2015,
Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

What is Marketing Cloud?

The term cloud marketing encompasses all of a company’s online marketing efforts. Online portals give companies new ways to present products, engage with customers, and push brand messages. Traditionally, advertising has been confined to print, television and radio and linked to brick and mortar stores.

The world has become a “noisy” place. Predictive Intelligence gives marketers the power of data science to understand each customer’s preferences and automatically optimize every interaction, in any channel, across the customer journey. People today expect personalized 1-to-1 experiences across all channels and devices — creating moments that matter along their customer journey.

What makes a digital marketing cloud?

There are at least 4 components that every digital marketing cloud should be offering:

  1. Multi-channel marketing automation – For publishing and promoting content that helps marketers engage customers across several different channels, particularly mobile and social. It also needs automation for the intelligent algorithms that sequence how that engagement happens.
  2. Content management tools – To create and manage the content and engagement tools that can be deployed across different channels.
  3. Social media tools – For listening to and engaging with social media networks to tap into consumer conversations, responding with custom content, or social media advertising.
  4. Analytics platform – To create profiles of consumers based on their online behavior, and evaluate which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.


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Our specialists can help your business tie your marketing cloud efforts to your other channels so all your marketing dollars are working in sync without any waste or overlap.

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