2 September 2015
2 September 2015,
customer engagement

customer engagement

Customer Engagement

With the raise of technology, customers are more powerful than ever as they have continuous access to real time information from a great number of sources. Customers´devices open this door of useful data in order to make their experience very secure, easy and pleasant.

CRM   (Customer Relationship Management)

Nowadays, businesses continuously implement new technologies and strategies to make the customer lifecycle last longer through different channels such as:

  1. websites
  2. telephone
  3. live chat
  4. direct mail
  5. marketing materials
  6. social media


And at the same time, build stronger relationships that will bring a more positive outcome and high levels of satisfaction to both parties involved. There is no doubt, engagement pays big dividends to any business that invest time in getting to know what the needs their customers are.

At the core, there are four key attributes to customer engagement and these are: active, rational, emotional, ethical. Customers that are emotionally engaged are less likely to complain, compliment more, buy more and contribute more overall than those who are not engaged.

RadicalDirect.com experts will help you align your customer engagement marketing efforts with your other marketing componetns so that all your marketing dollars are working in sync without any waste or overlap.

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