7 September 2015
7 September 2015,
Brands strive for Personalization

                                                                  Brands strive for Personalization

Brands and Personalization

Personalization is a powerful tool in marketing strategy and nowadays brands do it extensively through a sea of messages, images and information provided to prospects and customers on a daily basis.  

Yet delivering personalised service experience is not as straightforward as it would seem, and indeed has become increasingly complex.

The Future of Personalization

The one-on-one approach delivers effective marketing results if it is implemented in a balanced way between providing the necessary data and not be perceived as overly intrusive.  The real challenge is to manage personalisation on mobile devices.

It’s about being personal but not big Brother-ish, so personalisation is required to drive relevance, convenience and value.

One of the most basic mistakes is thinking personalisation translate into you getting to know someone by name, but not by what motivates and engages them, information that can be gleaned from their shopping habits.

Encouraging flexibility

Not every customer is the same and they usually don’t want to feel ‘processed’ like a robot. If a customer has a concern or query, they want to be heard.

Our specialists can help your business tie your brands personalization efforts to your other channels so all your marketing dollars are working in sync without any waste or overlap.

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