31 August 2015
31 August 2015,
Communication Changes

                                                                     Communication Changes

How Internet is changing the way we communicate

For better or worse, there is no doubt the internet changed and continues to change the way we work, live, interact and develop our relationships and communicate with our family, friends, co-workers, and others… It has a major role in our lives today and it also allows people to keep friendships alive despite the distance while letting others express themselves (ideas, beliefs) online via blogging, posts, comments, etc.

The question is this; do we really connect to the people we love or know or do we just connect to our devices.

As we use more technology to communicate on a daily basis the way we do it has changed, for example:


The email message is replacing handwritten correspondence in business and personal interactions.

Social Networking Sites:  

These sites allow people to share information and photos with others, regardless of their current location

Online Chats:

The use of online chat forums allows people to converse with others across the street or across the country in real time without picking up a telephone

Video Calls:

Video Calls service providers offer the ability to use internet as a mean to communicate and view family, friends, work-related meetings worldwide.

Cell Phones:

These devices provide a free channel of widespread communication that basically encompases all the new ways of interaction.

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