Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a highly effective business solution that enables a company to promote itself via traditional mail (US Postal Service, UPS or similar), compare business services, acquire new customers´ data, ship orders, improve customers´ database address quality, track and manage customers’ responses and much more. Radical Direct has over 20 years of direct mail expertise and will help you achieve the best open rates and results from your campaigns.

  • How can your company benefit from using Direct Mail services from Radical?
  • Direct mail can focus on different and smaller groups of your prospects that are likely to positively respond, therefore it is 100% targeted
  • Extremely high return on investment (ROI) compared to other channels Radical can personalize all your art (increases effectiveness up to 375%)
  • Allows your company to address customers by name in a more individual manner, therefore it is personal
  • Can be used in a extensive variety of inexpensive and easy formats that can have a better impact on the target, therefore it is flexible Direct mail is tangible therefore allows businesses to place a physical message in the hands of the prospects
  • Has the ability to track the loss or the success of any campaign allowing adjustments on future strategies
  • Can be use to target other businesses (B2B), therefore it expands the channels to acquire new customers
  • Works well on small budgets and it is easy to handle therefore it is cost-effective
  • Radical offer the lowest price in the industry – we guarantee it.

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