Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Radical Direct marketing tactics are directed to discover and understand business opportunities. We have the ability to recognize clients’ needs and particular activities; which takes us to a well-organized implementation of key marketing strategies.

Our consulting services are also intended to allow important marketing factors to help our clients grow their business. A set of consulting services such as: strategy creation, strict planning, ongoing production, factual implementation, measuring and optimization of the final marketing campaign is what we advise our clients to implement to be unbeaten in their particular markets.

Our consulting services include:

  • Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Direct Marketing Application (DMA)
  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Sales Force Optimization


Radical Direct – a Direct Marketing Response Agency – has been part of the marketing progress for the past 20 years. This extended expertise allows us to tailor diverse strategies and analysis models according to our clients’ individual and immediate needs.

  • Marketing practices, data management and technology
  • Marketing assessment and analysis
  • Client behavior analysis
  • Prospect profiling
  • Client and prospect segmentation
  • Predictive modeling
  • Analytical/critical insights
  • Return On Investment (ROI) analysis

Predictive Modeling

The Predictive Modeling analysis is based on the data acquisition of profiles that include details such as: behaviors, likes, preferences, and trends of a target group. All this information allows establishing predictive models which lead to: client acquisition and retention, as well as, loyalty tactics to improve businesses and their expansion.

The profiles that Radical Direct manages are:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics

Our duty is to guide clients and help them understand their prospects by their traits and distinctiveness. These aspects are fundamental when it comes to their choice of purchasing; that is to say, that their consuming behaviors will depend on age, gender, income, marital status, etc.

Furthermore, the psychographic characteristics of the prospects also play a key role in the purchasing process. So this is why we will advise businesses in these areas to prolong consumer’s life cycle.

Our expertise in Predictive Modeling and Data mining unveils key information about a target market and the responses to different stimulus. This delivers beneficial results such as sales growth and clients’ loyalty.

Data Mining

Radical Direct has built the appropriate tools to deliver customized and well-developed marketing techniques for our clients’ needs. One of these services is Data Mining, which allows complete research of prospects and clients.

Some of the advantages of this service are:

  • Future behaviors
  • New trends
  • Current events
  • Exceptions & Anomalies
  • Segmentation
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Trends Analysis

By executing the Data Mining process, businesses will obtain useful information that will allow them to implement suitable business decisions. This information allows the specialists at Nexus Response to come up with the best management strategies for new marketing goals sales, communication, and client service.

Response Modeling

Our high-tech tool, Direct Marketing Application (DMA), lets us get valuable stats on each individual marketing campaign and its results.

Radical Direct customizes all data to accurately predict market behaviors and all possible variables. We will design a real-time or static response model effectively for our clients which will bring benefits such as:

  • Prospects/Clients’ behaviors
  • Volume amount
  • Conversion rate
  • Consumer behaviors
  • Results Analysis & Optimization
  • Return on Investment

Nexus Response offers quantifiable sustain for the analysis of ROI for its marketing strategies. It is true that many factors may determine the efficiency or the low performance of a specific campaign. That is why we offer ROI analysis within our services.

To that end, we integrate technological and intellectual expertise to determine and deeply analyze ROI; which will take us to the final data results. A thorough analysis creates the possibility to make intelligent and objective decisions.

The most important benefits of the ROI analysis are:

  • Investments evaluation
  • Measurement and registration of general results
  • Comparison of costs and earnings
  • Financial indicators that allow better managerial decisions
  • Adjustment of the business dynamics through key information for better future performance

Radical Direct is at your table to plan, develop and evaluate new marketing campaigns. We offer real analysis and helpful information of your business possible accomplishments and preferred results.


Our focus is the improvement and adaptation of the required communication means by an observant selection of consumer behaviors through data mining; which leads to potential responses. We deliver quantifiable results that will increase marketing Return on Investment (ROI) in the long term.

  • Potential marketing opportunities
  • Profiling and client acquisition
  • Leads and consumer segmentation
  • Predictive modeling
  • Marketing mix

Direct Marketing Application (DMA)

Our Direct Marketing Application is a first-rate tool; which computes each element of a targeted marketing campaign. This powerful tool creates a broad volume of data for each particular element. As part of our outstanding services, we provide DMA in the following areas:

  • Creative
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • List Rental
  • Data
  • Order Processing (Client Service)

DMA basically calculates all efforts invested in a marketing campaign by giving data and analyzing it in order to improve future marketing strategies.

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